The Advantages of Independent Living for Seniors

The Advantages of Independent Living for Seniors | Harwood PlaceWhen the time comes to look into independent living facilities, it is natural to expect some resistance from the loved ones in your life. After a lifetime of hard work and home ownership, many seniors are reluctant to leave those accomplishments behind, even if the stress of maintenance is taking a toll on their own quality of life and that of their families.

However, there are countless advantages of moving to an independent living facility. At Harwood Place, we see firsthand the positive impact that living in an enriching and supportive retirement community has on our members. This article aims to present to seniors and their families some of the best reasons for making the move. Read on for more information.

A Calm Environment

In many independent living facilities, residents must be a certain age or older to enroll. Typically, this age limit is 55 years or older. This age limit helps to ensure a relatively predictable environment for residents. For example, it is unlikely that residents will be awoken to the sound of parties or loud music on a regular basis. In fact, this kind of behavior may even be prohibited by the facility.

Any respected independent living facility will place a high value on comfort, relaxation, and lack of judgment. All of this equates to a calming environment for residents as they enjoy their golden years.

Promoting Physical Wellbeing

Older adults have a myriad of unique health and wellness needs compared to individuals in other age brackets. Many older residents may not have a complete understanding of the unique physical activity and nutritional requirements necessary to maintain a functioning immune system, as well as the relationship between physical and mental health.

Many reputable independent living facilities have professionals on-site to help residents better understand their needs as they age. Additionally, many opportunities are present to allow residents to eat well, exercise, and discover new hobbies and interests. All of these components work to support a healthy body and mind.

Healthy Social Connections

Recent data indicates that as much as one-third of senior citizens live alone. While there are some benefits associated with alone time, too much isolation can lead to a variety of mental and physical health risks.

Independent living facilities can greatly help mitigate the health risks associated with loneliness and isolation that older adults face. In many facilities, an activities calendar is clearly posted in all common areas and serves to alert residents to a number of options for socializing.

Many independent living facilities also give residents the chance to take group trips to various local events. By fostering a connection between the retirement community and the local community, residents are able to maintain a sense of relatedness with their social environment with qualified professionals nearby to provide any support necessary.

No More Home Maintenance

Maintaining a home becomes much harder and more expensive for older adults, especially those who are living on a fixed income. In addition, those individuals who make the choice to continue aging in their home will inevitably need to consider installing a variety of items to enhance accessibility, such as wheelchair ramps or shower grab bars.

Independent living facilities are designed specifically to meet the needs of seniors. When touring a facility, it will be important for any prospective resident to consider the benefits of not having to get up and down stairs, shovel snow, cook every meal, or risk falling while alone at home. Housekeeping services ensure that their living quarters and the general facility are kept clean as well.

Freedom to Explore New Interests

One of the greatest benefits of independent living facilities is that they allow senior citizens to branch outside of their routine and comfort zone. Developing new hobbies and interests is a great way to foster social connections while also stimulating brain activity and positively impacting mood and overall mental health. Learning from other residents, neighbors, and friends helps ease the transition into the new living situation for many reluctant seniors.

There are so many advantages to senior living, and we want to help you discover all of them at Harwood Place. Click here to learn more about our community and get in touch to schedule a tour.

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