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Adult Day Care Milwaukee

Adult Day Care Services at the Lutheran Home is committed to providing comprehensive daytime programming and supportive services that allow individuals with irreversible dementia, advanced age or physical disabilities to reside at home with their loved ones. Our primary goal is to keep our participants engaged in stimulating activity programming and community inclusion while maximizing their safety in a secure environment. Our program also provides at-home caregivers a break in caring for their loved one and time to attend to their own needs. We understand the difficulties caregivers encounter and offer resources and support.

If you need a break, and your loved one needs compassionate day care, call us today to schedule a tour of our daycare facility. Whether you need senior day care services, help with a disabled loved one, or need daycare for Alzheimer or dementia patients, the Adult Day Service at Lutheran Home is here for you, and them. We proudly serve families in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, Brookfield, and surrounding areas.

Private Pay/VA/Title 19/Iris Payments Accepted

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The center is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The center is closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. On days of inclement weather, the center will remain open.


Seven days’ advance notice is required for any changes in the participant’s schedule or planned events such as days off, vacations, or extended leaves. Please also notify the team in the event of participant hospitalization or illness.


(414) 258-6171 x368


“The Lutheran Home Adult Day Center has made a world of difference! It has made my day easier.  I drop mom off knowing ‘they got this’, she’ll be watched and attended to. It brings me so much joy knowing she is around her peers in a peaceful and calm setting.”

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Adult Day Services
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Each participant in Adult Day Services will have a personalized plan of care. Information is gathered from the participant and their family, and a nurse assessment is completed to determine a level of care.
Participant care plans are reviewed quarterly and/or if there is a change in condition requiring additional care.

Level One Participants are independent and only need minimal assistance from staff for personal care needs such as bathroom assist, transferring, and medication administration. They are able to participate in and benefit from a wide range of activities. $79/day
Level Two Participants require assistance in several areas of personal care, including, but not limited to, bathroom assist, transfers, and medication administration. Participants may require one-on-one intervention due to confusion and may require additional health monitoring by the center’s nurse. $82/day
Late Fee Participants not picked up by 5:30 p.m. will be charged $20/10-minute
increment they remain past the 5:30 p.m. closing time.


Spa Bathing Participants can enjoy a whirlpool bath in the safety of our spa room. Assistance is provided throughout the experience, including grooming and dressing. A skin evaluation is also completed to monitor skin integrity. $35/bath
Shave Participants who need assistance with facial shaving. $11/shave
Beauty/Barber Shop Participants have access to the beauty/barber shop at the Lutheran Home. A schedule of services is available from the program manager and are billed per service.
Therapy Services Participants have access to physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation services
provided by the therapy team at the Lutheran Home. Rates are based on service.


– 2 day minimum requirement per week
– vaccination against COVID
– Private Pay/VA/Title 19/Iris accepted

Adult Day Care Milwaukee
Milwaukee Adult Daycare Center
Senior day care in Milwaukee


Adult day care is a service of Lutheran Home in Wauwatosa that provides a supportive and engaging daytime environment for individuals with irreversible dementia, advanced age or physical disabilities. It allows the individual to remain living at home while providing a much-needed respite for caregivers.

Adult Day Care Services at the Lutheran Home provide a secure and supportive environment that allows those with irreversible dementia, advanced age or physical disabilities to remain living at home with their loved ones. Our stimulating activity programming and community inclusion activities help maximize safety and engagement for our participants. Additionally, we understand how difficult it can be for caregivers, so we offer resources and support as well as a much needed break in caring for your loved one.

If you require senior day care services, help for a disabled loved one, or Alzheimer/dementia day care, Lutheran Home is here to assist you and your family in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, Brookfield and surrounding areas. Call us today at (414) 258-6171 x368 to schedule a tour of our daycare facility!

The fun never stops at our Adult Day Care! A typical day includes a delicious breakfast, lunch and snack plus activities such as baking, brain fitness, creative endeavors, intergenerational activities with the Lutheran Home Children’s Center, live entertainment, and field trips into the community. Our comprehensive adult day services include compassionate monitoring and medication administration by an LPN, individualized service plans, and more customized care so your loved one can feel comfortable and supported.

Adult Day Care costs vary based on the participant’s level of care and additional services. For Level One participants, who require minimal assistance for personal care needs, it is $79/day. For Level Two participants, who require additional assistance in several areas of personal care, the cost is $82/day. Additional services such as spa bathing and shaves are also available at an extra cost ($35/bath and $11/shave respectively). Beauty/barber shop services are billed per service and therapy services have rates based on the service provided. A late fee of $20/10-minute increment is applied if a participant is not picked up by 5:30 p.m.

Lutheran Home Adult Day Care services are available Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 5:30pm. We are closed on the following major holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Adult Day Care is designed for seniors who need assistance with activities of daily living, including bathing, grooming and dressing. It also provides health care services such as medication administration, nurse assessments, physical activity classes and socialization opportunities. Adult Day Care is a daytime service, rather than a 24/7 support, that is geared toward helping people remain in their homes as long as possible and to delay or prevent the need for a more costly long-term care option like senior living. Assisted Living offers a more comprehensive range of services such as meals, housekeeping, transportation and 24/7 care by trained staff. They are designed for those who can no longer live independently at home due to medical needs or cognitive impairment.

Yes, Adult Day Care with Lutheran Home does include medical services and medication administration. Trained healthcare professionals are available to provide health monitoring, nurse assessments, and medication administration as needed. Physical activity classes and therapy services may also be offered depending on the participant’s needs and availability.

Lutheran Home offers Adult Day Care services to anyone willing to travel to us, but mostly serves residents in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, Brookfield, Elm Grove, and surrounding communities.

The advantages of Adult Day Care for seniors include:

  • Socialization and relationship building with peers.
  • Mental stimulation through games, crafts, music and more.
  • Physical activity to help maintain physical health and mobility.
  • Access to a qualified LPN plus medication administration.
  • Opportunities for socialization for those who may be isolated or unable to travel outside their homes.

The advantages of Adult Day Care for caregivers include:

  • Temporary relief from the responsibilities of caregiving.
  • The ability to work and pursue interests outside of the home.
  • Fewer feelings of stress and isolation that can come with being a caregiver.
  • Peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe, secure, and receiving quality care in a comfortable setting.
  • Access to assistance when needed as well as resources and support groups.

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(414) 258-6171 x368