HP Bouce Back

Return home to a better quality of life with Harwood Place’s Bounce Back Program! Our short-term program provides an option for those who do not have a qualifying diagnosis for a subacute rehab stay but are not ready to go home.

What’s Included

» Spacious fully equipped apartment at Harwood Place
» 3-5 days PT/OT services (billed to Medicare B plan)
» 24/7 Pendant service
» Daily wellness checks – 3 times/day
» Ongoing care management
» Assistance with ADL’s
(up & tuck, bathroom assistance, etc.)
» 3 meals per day
» Bathing – once per week ($40/bath thereafter)
» Weekly laundry/housekeeping services
» Guest accommodations upon request


» Must be safe behind closed doors
» Must be able to make needs known
» Must be able to call for assistance
» Admissions accepted Monday through Friday
» 7 day minimum
» 28 day maximum


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Our Bounce Back Program is perfect for:

»After a hospital stay when you do not qualify for sub-acute rehab

»After a sub-acute rehab stay to receive extra support and additional therapy

»Additional assistance while a caregiver/loved one is away