Since 1906, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to ensure that all Lutheran Home residents can continue to stay with us, even if they have outlived their savings.

This is because, for nearly 120 years, donors and supporters like you have embraced the faith and compassion that are the driving forces of our care. Together, the most treasured and sometimes vulnerable members of our community, our seniors, have a place to call home.

Planned giving is a personal decision and can take many forms.

Bequests. A gift through your will or trust, either for a specific dollar amount, or a percent of your estate, can be distributed in one sum or over time based on your preference. Let’s talk about what matters to you. We currently have a 20-year gift that gives $19,000 every year and helps to ensure the quality of our medical equipment in the care of our residents. We also received a $400,000 one-time gift that enabled completion of a long-needed special project.

Stocks. A gift of stock is a valuable tool for you to give and a strong asset for the Lutheran Home Foundation. We are committed to selling stocks immediately. Our goal is to receive 1906 shares of stock every year.

Life Insurance Policy. You may not be aware that life insurance is an important and under-utilized gift tool. These policies pass outside of your will and are not subject to probate. You can make the Lutheran Home Foundation the beneficiary or the owner of an existing life insurance policy.

There are other ways to give that provide ongoing income for yourself and demonstrate your intentions now and payout later. Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities are two more ways to join our 1906 Society and support the Lutheran Home Foundation.

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