Memory Care Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is it time to move?
A: Listen to our Director of Caregiver Support, Stephanie Leanes, discuss this question.

Q: What does the admission and transition process to Elaine’s Hope look like?
A: Have a listen below.

Q: Are there any immediate openings?
A: Please call 414-326-3398 for availability.

Q: Is there an entrance fee to move into Elaine’s Hope?
A: No, we do not have an entrance fee.

Q: Is there an assessment fee to move into Elaine’s Hope?
A: No, we do not charge an assessment fee.

Q: Will my loved one have to move out if they run out of money?
A: If your loved one exhausts their resources, the legal representative can apply for Medicaid assistance. We are contracted with MyChoice Family Care and Community Care funding.

Q: How do I start the process to move in?
A: Call 414.326.3398 for a tour. If interested, there is an application process. Once that is complete and approved memory care staff schedules an assessment. If your loved one qualifies from a medical and regulatory standpoint, pending physician documentation review, we then schedule a move-in date with you. Admission paperwork will be done prior to moving.

Q: What is included in my monthly fee?
A: Elaine’s Hope Lutheran Home Memory Care Assisted Living offers an “all-inclusive” rate which includes all usual and customary supplies, such as toiletries, paper supplies, linens, laundry, etc.
– Ancillary items and items billed to Medicare such as medications are billed separately
– Supportive services such as dental, vision, podiatry, geropsych and audiology are also billed separately
– Beauty shop and some field trips are billed separately and are noted on your monthly statement

Q: Have residents of Elaine’s Hope been vaccinated for COVID-19?
A: Yes 100% of Elaine’s Hope residents hare fully vaccinated and boosted.

Q: What is the visitation policy during Covid-19?
A: All visitors are screened for signs and symptoms of COVID. Visits  take place in a resident’s room. We ask that you only visit 2 people at a time, wear masks and social distance for the duration of your visit.

Q: How do I know if it is the right time to move my loved one into a memory care?
A: Moving someone you care for into a memory care environment can be an extremely difficult decision. Moving during late stages can make it more difficult for the resident. Moving in sooner than later can result in a better outcome for the resident, caregiver and the professional caregiver as we can better acclimate the environment to their needs due to the fact that we they can communicate more effectively what their wants and needs are. Elaine’s Hope offers vibrant engagement and enrichment programming that is inclusive to someone with dementia.
Below are six signs it may be time to move your loved one into a memory care community:
1. You are constantly worrying for their safety
2. Your caregiver stress is at a point where it is consuming most of your life and you find yourself getting angry or your own health begins to deteriorate
3. Physical signs of progression of their disease, such as weight loss, decreased personal hygiene, meds not being taken and injuries from falls
4. Wandering and getting lost in the community
5. Isolation due to fear of getting lost, being judged and no longer feeling connected to a community
6. Your gut is telling you it is time

Q: How do you acclimate new residents to Elaine’s Hope?
A: It’s not about residents acclimating to our environment; it’s about us acclimating to the resident.

Q: Do you cohort residents based on level of independence within Elaine’s Hope?
A: No, we do not cohort. We provide the appropriate care and activities to residents no matter where they reside.