Lutheran Home Foundation

Our Mission:

The Lutheran Home Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises, stewards and distributes funds to sustain and advance the Christian mission of the Lutheran Home and Harwood Place. Lutheran Home and Harwood Place are dedicated to serving older adults and enriching the lives of those we touch by providing compassionate and loving care.

Bridgette Frommell

Bridgette Frommell
Executive Director

Meet our Executive Director!

Hello residents and friends of Lutheran Home and Harwood Place.

It is my true privilege to join you, the incredible residents and team of caregivers at Lutheran Home and Harwood Place, as the Executive Director of the Lutheran Home Foundation. Since my arrival, I have felt welcomed and loved by all.  I am confident that together we will exceed our philanthropic goals to ensure those we serve are living their best lives possible with peace of mind.

I would like to thank my predecessor, Heidi Mayer, for her decades of service to our residents, families, staff and volunteers.  We will honor what Heidi the Foundation board, and friends of this organization have built and move forward together confident that our future is bright.

I have learned so far that all within our walls lead with humility and grace. We teach those around us about the value of intergenerational thinking. Our residents and those who care for them daily remain the center of our community and thus the extension of our philanthropic dollars. We will build opportunities to enrich the lives of everyone we touch. Generosity takes many forms and philanthropy is sometimes about touching those we don’t see, or those we don’t know.

Our community is for the residents who one day may outlive their resources and for those less fortunate who need our help. Our gifts are for the caregiver who transfers buses and travels across town to make her shift.  We are here for each other. Everyone I have met has said there is no place they would rather be.

The future is now. One day we too may need the services provided by Lutheran Home and Harwood Place and what do we want it to feel like then? I look forward to hearing your vision.

In service,
Bridgette Frommell

Each gift makes a difference.

Since 1906, no resident of the Lutheran Home has been asked to leave because they have outlived their financial resources. To ensure that this tradition continues, the Lutheran Home Foundation works to grow awareness and financial support for the needs of older adults in our care. Our generous donors make our mission possible.

The Lutheran Home Foundation is a catalyst igniting the passion of generous people to enable the Lutheran Home and Harwood Place to deliver extraordinary care and services and positively impact the lives of older adults everywhere. Each gift makes a difference. Our donors enable us to:

  • Make continuous improvements to our processes, facilities, and programs
  • Provide more than $11 million annually in unreimbursed charity care for our residents who have outlived their resources
  • Develop our staff and share our expertise with other organizations
  • Fund future opportunities and sustain our mission well into the future

Fundraising Events:

Every autumn for the last twenty years, the Lutheran Home Foundation has held its signature fundraising gala, the Monarch Ball. Through sponsorships, attendance, cash donations, auctions and raffles, the Monarch Ball is a key source of support for our mission each year.

Gifts of time are treasured.

The Lutheran Home and Harwood Place have an abundance of opportunities for volunteers. Some of our volunteers complete clerical projects such as mailings and mail delivery. Others transport residents to and from activities like a beauty parlor appointment, bingo, or chapel services, or to offsite doctors’ appointments. Some volunteers provide one-on-one social visits with residents or comfort those who are entering their final hours. Our volunteers choose personally fulfilling roles that they are most comfortable performing.

For more information,

contact Bridgette Frommell,

executive director,

by phone at 414-256-6836

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