Hello friends of Lutheran Home and Harwood Place.

I hope you are finding the answers to what brought you to our website today. Please email me if I can assist you further. It is challenging to bottle the feeling inside our buildings into a website. How do we share how it feels to live here?

The community of donors at the Lutheran Home and Harwood Place are solving big challenges and they are doing it together. We are building capacity to provide more individuals living with memory care issues the opportunity to attend our day programs. We are working towards deepening and widening the spiritual care services provided. Pastor Derek is incredible yet only one person. Our residents are asking for more support and donors are giving for pastoral services to add a second team member and to update technology. Companies are sponsoring continuing education. The 1906 Society is committing legacy gifts ensuring the future of both campuses.

Please glance at the list of those on our boards of directors. You will be thrilled to know that these individuals are rock stars. They are smart, inquisitive, cautious yet daring, kind and committed. You are welcome to connect with them and learn about their experiences. We are always looking for future board members.

Finally, donors are asking where the needs will be the greatest which is a very important and special question. Our community of donors are engaged, and we are very, very thankful. We care deeply for our seniors, giving families peace of mind TOGETHER. Thank you for choosing the Lutheran Home and Harwood Place as part of your giving focus. Our residents and staff appreciate you!

In Service,