Independent Living vs. In-Home Care: Which is Right for Your Loved One?

The hands of an older adult holding the top of a cane.When your loved one is no longer capable of attending to their own needs, it can lead to some difficult choices. Should you help them set up in-home care, or should they move into an independent living community?

Making the right choice for your loved one involves a number of important considerations. This article aims to provide some of the most common and important factors to keep in mind when you and your loved ones are preparing for the next stage of life. Read on for more information and contact Harwood Place for more information on our comfortable, luxurious independent living community in Wauwatosa.

Opportunities for Socialization

For people of any age, prolonged periods of social isolation can actually lead to a variety of physical ailments as well as mental health issues such as depression. Both in-home care and an independent living community offer older adults the ability to socialize, albeit under different circumstances.

With in-home care, the caretaker is often the primary source of socialization and companionship. They might engage with your loved one by playing card games, reading the news or watching TV, or doing craft projects. If transportation is available and appropriate, they can take your loved one around the community and keep them close to their normal surroundings.

Two primary concerns that many families raise with in-home care are the monotony of social engagement and the threat of the in-home caretaker having to take time off to attend to personal obligations. With an independent living community, your loved one has access to a greater number of people to socialize with. The number of caretakers will be greater, and the availability of activities, resources, and opportunities for group trips are likely to be much greater as well.

Keeping Loved Ones Safe

When it comes to keeping your loved one safe, independent living communities have all the necessary precautions in place from the moment your loved one arrives. Independent living apartments like those at Harwood Place in Wauwatosa are physically accommodating for older adults. Security is provided on-site, and round-the-clock personal care services ensure your loved one is kept from harm.

Achieving this same level of safety from an in-home care service can be more challenging and families are likely to face some initial upfront costs. Widening doorways for wheelchairs, installing stair lifts, and subscribing to medical alert services are all typically involved when setting up at-home care. In the end, these precautions may not provide families the same peace of mind that can be found in an independent living community.

Considering Convenience

In-home care and independent living communities each provide convenience to loved ones and their families but in different ways. In-home care provides convenience up front in that there is no need to move, no rules governing behavior, and the ability to stay in familiar surroundings. The convenience of independent living facilities often is realized after the move, when socialization, mealtimes, and activities/events are all made easily accessible to those who live there.

Loved Ones’ Quality of Life

When asked, many aging loved ones are likely to want to stay in their own home. It’s what’s familiar, and they are likely going to be resistant to a major life change. However, families are encouraged to take time to tour independent living communities and be mindful that over time, your loved one’s preferences and needs are likely to change in such a way that independent living communities make the most sense for their comfort, needs, and lifestyle.

Making the Right Choice

When considering all the factors, many families come to the conclusion that independent living communities make the most sense for their loved ones. The convenience, reliability, and safety of these facilities can give loved ones and their families the peace of mind that they are safe and cared for. When the time comes, consider taking the time to explore independent living communities in your area.

Explore Independent Living with Harwood Place

Two older adults sitting on a park bench. Senior living communities provide a variety of benefits to their residents, but none have the offerings that Harwood Place in Wauwatosa has. Located on a picturesque corner of Milwaukee County, the residents of Harwood Place enjoy easy access to the city’s many attractions and amenities, while also being able to enjoy a peaceful and serene lifestyle.

Harwood Place offers an array of services and amenities to seniors looking for an independent living option. From assisted living services such as daily meals and personal care support to recreational opportunities like fitness classes and activities like bingo nights or arts & crafts, there is something for everyone at Harwood Place. Additionally, each resident at Harwood Place has their own private suite or studio apartment with all the modern comforts they need.

But what really sets Harwood Place apart from other senior living options is its staff of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing quality care to each resident. From health care providers to social workers and activities directors, the team at Harwood Place works hard every day to make sure that each resident feels welcome and comfortable.

Finally, another benefit of having your loved one choose Harwood Place as their new home is its convenient location; it is close enough so family members can easily visit but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life that it still feels like a cozy retreat. Plus with plenty of shopping nearby and easy access to public transportation, your parent or loved one will never have trouble getting around town if needed.

When looking for a place for your aging relative or loved one to call home, consider giving Harwood Place in Wauwatosa a closer look – you won’t be disappointed! With our excellent services and amenities plus dedicated staff members who truly care about each resident’s well-being, it’s no wonder many seniors (and their families) love calling this community home.

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