A Bucket List ‘Slam Dunk’

The Bucket List Journey began with a slam dunk on New Year’s Eve! At the age of 82, it was Harwood Place resident, Rightie Pappenheim, who requested, to attend a performance/game of the Globetrotters on New Year’s Eve/Day. 

Not only was Rightie able to attend their incredible performance at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, she was also the recipient of a surprise visit by two members of the Harlem Globetrotters team! The Globetrotters were so delighted to hear they were a part of Rightie’s bucket list, that Slick Willie Shaw and El Gato Melendez made a special visit to her home at Harwood Place.  Rightie’s bucket list request, and her visit with the Globetrotters, caught the attention of many local, and even a few national, news and media outlets.  Rightie never imagined so much excitement would come of her request, but after all these years, she is happy that she can finally check this item off her bucket list.

IMG_7109 IMG_7108